The Kabbalah of Communication: Its Art and Soul

Reclaiming The Lost Art Of Human Connection


About the Course


Language is the marvel of the human species. With carefully chosen words we can shape events in each other’s brains with exquisite precision. We can sow the seed of an idea; inspire fear, hope, or trust; collaborate; converse; argue; reason; or love.

Communication is the constant of our existence: done well, it can alter the landscape of our lives. Effective communication improves the way we do business; the way we conduct our domestic lives and our relations with friends and acquaintances; and the way we share our deepest emotions, thoughts, and inspirations. From the time of the Greek Sophists, who taught their students to use skilled rhetoric to gain power, through Dale Carnegie’s still-popular How to Win Friends and Influence People, people have always wanted to know how to improve their communication.

Despite the many volumes of self-help literature and the profusion of courses on this topic, there is more to be said. The Kabbalah of Communication: Its Art and Soul course distills ancient Jewish wisdom and couples it with the latest developments in psychological research in the quest to find the secrets behind healthy and effective communication.

Many people take communication for granted, but it is the very fabric of our society. The goal of the course is simply to make us better parents, better spouses, better co-workers, better friends, and better people across the board.

The course has received rave reviews from relationship professionals, including Harville Hendrix, founder of IMAGO Relationship Therapy and author of the best-selling book, Getting the Love You Want. Hendrix refers to the course as “truly artful and soulful—an absolute must.”

The integration of these two streams of knowledge—the secular/psychological and Jewish tradition—is remarkable,” writes Mona Fishbane, former director of couple training at Chicago Center for Family Health, endorsing the course. “The approach is sophisticated, practical, and sure to be helpful to students.”


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