Course Overview

* Getting To Understand Our Soul - Learning To Appreciate The Positive Energy It Brings To Your Life!

Think of your most cherished dream for the future. I don't know what your dream is, but I know you have the power to help it come true.

Because you have the ability to create, to invent, to love and to know. You have the freedom to choose a course in life that will make a real difference. All these powers come from one place - The soul. The soul is the source of all change, all art, all inspiration, all love and everything that makes us human.

What exactly is the soul? How can you get in touch with it? How can you access the powers of your soul to change yourself and the world around you for the better?

* Before You Were Born

Where did you come from - not just yesterday or the days before, but before you were born? Was there nothing? It's hard to imagine not existing. Understanding your roots helps you understand who you are, and perhaps more importantly, who you can become.

We will discover the origins of the soul, how life begins, and how you become you and gain your unique personality. We will also gain powerful insights into how to live life in line with your inner self.

* What Is Life Like For The Soul In Our World?

Have you ever wondered what is the Soul's perspective on life's experience? By getting a better understanding of our Soul, we become empowered to make our life experience more real and satisfying.

* The Soul Afterlife - What's it like?

Where does the soul go after leaving this world? Where are departed loved ones? What is it like in heaven? The afterlife has been one of the most mysterious and alluring enigmas to man since the day Adam set foot on earth.

We explore the deep mysteries of the afterlife. Trace the soul's path as it departs this world, and see how understanding the destination can make your journey more meaningful.

* Have You Been Here Before - Reincarnation

Was I someone else in a different life? Do souls return to this world in another body to complete unfinished business? Can a previous life affect my present and my future?

We explore the unique understanding of reincarnation. We will discover a complex system of interconnectedness between souls, and the ways one soul influences and even spawns another.

* Eternal Bound

What happens to the love we feel for our loved ones once we are gone? Does the relationship stop short? Or are there ways we can continue to meaningfully connect with those who have passed on?

We will learn that although the means of communication shift, we can continue to relate to the souls of the departed. We will learn of many ways to give our gift of love to them, and also how they continue to share themselves with us.