Discovering Happiness

Exploring the road-map to happier living


Sinc e the dawn of time, man has been ever-fascinated by the workings of the human brain. Only recently, scientists have been discovering the underlying dynamics that shape and influence our frame of mind—new ways to cope with anxiety and stress, steps that we can take to crystallize our self-concept, and practical tools we can use to build the resilience and grit to ride through any challenge life throws our way.

Surprisingly, Jewish spiritual wisdom, Torah, Kabbalah and the Talmud have for centuries advocated various approaches to achieving happiness; ideas that are only now being confirmed through scientific observation. Our course discovering happiness offers a Jewish spiritual road-map to happier living. Every lesson contains poignant insights into how our minds operate with practical steps you can take to boost your happiness levels to places unimaginable.

This course will present a deeper understanding of yourself, and help you flourish by suggesting practical advice which, when implemented, will radically enhance the happiness quotient of life.


A Six Session Course - Six Tuesday Evenings

Starting Tuesday, May 2nd.

7pm to 8pm

Cost $75 per person


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Chabad Jewish Center of Novi

40550 Grand River Ave. Novi - 48375