What is Kabbalah all about?  


A Fascinating Journey into the Kabbalah of our Soul


"Finding Meaning in Life"


This set of classes on the Kabbalah will explore what Kabbalah is & what it says about the qualities & potential that is within our character. It is designed to help you understand the unique mix of qualities that define your individuality. Drawing on the organizational structure of the Kabbalah, this course examines the nature of the human soul created in the image of G‑d. You will learn strategies for making changes that are lasting and real.  The course invites you to choose from among a wealth of reflective approaches to chart your own path to personal growth. It includes wisdom to amaze you and stories to inspire you, as well as journal exercises and practical tools to help you apply the lessons to your own life.
So spend six weeks learning the secrets that will help you unlock your inner potential.


Because you won’t know what you can be… until you hold a mirror to your soul.

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 Location: Global Office Solutions - 22759 Heslip Dr. Novi, 48375

$65 for full 6 sessions