The Jewish Womens Circle
Heal Your Roots, Nourish your Soul, Blossom your Body

Tu B'Shvat is the New Year for Trees. As in all other points in the Jewish calendar, Tu B'Shvat offers a unique opportunity for insight into living and personal growth.

Personal growth and improvement is a process. Just as a tree goes through many steps before it produces its fruit - a human being goes through various stages of self-development before the final product is seen.
We will explore and discuss different steps in the road to self-perfection. Presented by Leah Susskind
Whole Body care workshop by Traditional Naturopathic Doctor Anat Shlagman presenting: Self Reflexology - Relaxing pain, Relaxing Anxiety, Stimulating Systems and more.
To read about Traditional Naturopathic Doctor Anat Shlagman Click Here
Tuesday, January 19th. 2016
$7 per person
RSVP by Emailing: [email protected]
Location: 42142 Loganberry Ridge North. Novi - 48375