Passover Seder

Passover Seder Plate 

Passover Haggadah


* Have You Always Wondered The Meaning  & Reason's Behind Many of the Traditions & Customs of The Passover Holiday?

* Have You Also Wondered If There Is Some Way That The Passover Holiday Experience Can Be Spiritually Relevant, Bring Inspiration & Enrich Our Lives In Today's World?

You Are Invited To Join Us for a 2 Part Series Titled "Making the Passover Experience More Meaningful".

During The Course We Will:
  • Explore Various Insights & Spiritual Meaning Behind Different Passages In The Haggadah That Is Read on Passover.
  • Focus On Central Themes Of The Passover Holiday, Findings Its Spiritual Relevance In A Way That Can Enrich & Inspire Our Lives Today.
  • Go Through the Passover Seder Step-by-Step & Explore The Meaning Behind Each Step, Its Traditions & Its Customs.

Two Wednesday Evenings, 7:30pm. to 9:00pm.
Starting March 13th.

$35 per person

RSVP for the class by emailing:[email protected]

Location: Providence Park Campus, Novi Orthopedic Center Building - Conference Room, Main Floor.
26750 Providence Pkwy. Novi, 48374