Q: How Can This Year's Night of Passover be More Meaningful Then All Other Passover Nights of Past Year's?
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A: By Giving Yourself A Refreshing & Enriching one evening Class that will Explore the Passover Holiday & How it can Foster Spiritual Growth on a Whole New Level!
Q: Is there any relationship between Matzah and Spiritual Self Development?
Q: Is there a way to read the Haggadah that makes it spiritually enriching to our life experiences today? 
Q: What's the real story of the four sons in the Haggadah? 
Q: Why 4 cups of wine at the Seder? 
Q: Why so many Passover Traditions through the generations? Any Meaning?  
These questions & more will be explored in our upcoming one evening class! 
Drawing from Jewish Thought & Insight's in the Kabbalah, we will examine the deeper meaning behind the Passover story, its traditions and customs & discover how it can enrich our lives and foster Spiritual growth in our life experiences today!
Passover Wine
Wednesday, March 28th 7:30pm. to 9:00pm.

$10 per person

Please RSVP for this class by emailing:
Location: Providence Park Campus, Novi Orthopedic Center Building - Conference Room, Main Floor. 
 26750 Providence Pkwy. Novi, 48374