Pre-Chanukah Jewish Women's Circle
 Join Us For A Women's Night Out
Chocolate Lava Cake 1

Chocolate Lava Cake 2

Chocolate Lava Cake 3


Chocolate Lava Cake 5Learn The Art Of How To Make 
Delicious Chocolate Lava Cake With Almost No Flour!  
Make's A Great Chanukah Festive Dinner Dessert!
With Master Kosher ChefCari Herskovitz

While Exploring Inspirational Insights Into The Upcoming Chanukah Holiday!
Come & Invite Your Friends!
Tuesday, December 13th - 7:30pm. 
$5 per person   
Please RSVP by email at your earliest convenience: [email protected]

Location: 42142 Loganberry Ridge North
Novi, 48375