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· How to acquire Good Luck in Life?
· What's the Jewish view on Karma?

· Do we have Guardian Angels?

· What's the Jewish belief on Satan?

· Is there really something called "The Evil Eye"? How does it work?

·  What kind of tree was the "Tree of Knowledge"?

· Is "An Eye for an Eye" in the Bible meant to be taken literally?

· Who wrote "The handwriting on the wall"?
These Questions & More Will Be Explored In Our Upcoming Enlightening & Intriguing Six Session Course Titled: Fascinating Facts
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This course is designed to be a fun and insightful overview of Jewish heritage and Jewish cultural, with wisdom drawn from Jewish thought and the Kabbalah, this course spans a wide range of subjects. 


It will enlighten even the most seasoned trivia buffs with a treasure trove of "Fascinating Facts"! It will challenge your thinking about a wide range of Jewish "facts" that will surprise you, inform you, and also entertain you! 

It will also bring depth and understanding to the often-misunderstood ideas on religion, spirituality and mystical teachings.

Fascinating Facts explores a  wide range of intriguing subjects, including: Jewish myths and urban legends, biblical stories and events, Jewish foods, the Hebrew language, life cycle events, and mysteries of the occult. 

The course is designed to appeal to people at all levels of Jewish knowledge, including those without any prior experience or background in Jewish learning. 


It's masterful. It's insightful. It's entertaining. It's inspiring. You don't want to miss it!