Toward A Meaningful Life
  Love. Life. Work. Stress. Faith. Family. Home. Purpose. 
  An All New Inspirational  Kabbalah Course


Rose* Learn The True Value of Love 

* Find Practical Stratgeies for Developing A Deeper Sense of Joy and Satisfaction 

* Unlock The Secret To Lasting Family 1Relationships 

* Understated How You Can Balance Your Work Without Compromising Your Personal Life 

Work* Discover The Key To Transform Any House Into A Home 

* Explore What Makes A True Soul-Mate 

* Reveal The Art of Positive Thinking 




* Each Lesson Provides a Two-Minute Meditation That will Forever Change the Way You Experience Life 
Life can be a treadmill - as we go through the motions day after day without ever asking why or seeking what really matters to us. This course is determined to change that.

Here are strategies, tips, and suggestions for not only discovering where your true meaning lies, but in actually making it a part of your daily existence. Whether you are dealing with family relationships or job satisfaction, personal growth, this course will help you look behind a crisis to find the lessons within. Most important of all, these sessions will help you see life as the mysterious, challenging, and satisfying wonder that it really is.
  An Aha! Moment in Every Lesson 

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What Each Session in This Course Will Cover
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Lesson Three: Home and Family

Lesson Four: Work and Wealth

Lesson Five: Pain and Anxiety

Lesson Six: Religion and Faith

Cost: Full course $65 - Includes textbooks
10% - Couples discount 

For Your Convenience This Course Will Run At Two Different Times & Days In The Week:

Six Sunday Mornings 10:30am to 12:00pm
Starting Sunday, March 6 2011

Six Wednesday Evenings: 7:30pm to 9:00pm
Starting Wednesday, March 9 2011 


Location: Providence Park Campus, Novi Orthopedic Center Building - Conference Room, Main Floor.
26750 Providence Pkwy. Novi, 48374