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Toward A Meaningful Life

Course Endorsements


66467767.jpgIt is the very problem of our time that people are caught in a pervasive feeling of meaninglessness; people may have enough to live by, but more than not they have nothing to live for. JLI’s "Toward a Meaningful Life" Package is an impressive testimony of caring for the most central and humane and human needs - the need to find and understand one’s place in the world, and to come to a practical and applicable understanding of what it means to be a unique and irreplaceable person - to make a difference, and to live up to what one’s personal path in this world may be. Such an understanding enables one not only enjoy life and one’s talents and gifts in all their richness, it also enables one to cope with life hardships. In a word - a renewed awareness of meaning connects one with life’s existential dimension. A timely topic, and a great course."
Alexander Batthyány Ph.D., Chair, Viktor Frankl Institute Vienna and Dept. of Philosophy, University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria 


Dr. B. Siegel Book.jpg"Toward A Meaningful Life can provide you with what most people never realize in their lifetime... This course gives you the tools and opportunity to rebirth and represent yourself. And I have learned that when you heal your life your body benefits from the feelings and provides you with a longer healthier life as a side effect."
Bernie Siegel, MD, Author of 365 Prescriptions For The Soul and Faith, Hope & Healing



Practicing positive psychology.jpg"At a time when anxiety is on the rise and there is a widespread loss of trust in public institutions people are turning to each other, as well as inwards, to reflect on what is truly meaningful in life. Toward a Meaningful Life is as timely as it is effective. It is an opportunity to get back on track."
Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener, M.S., CMC, Program Director, Centre of Applied Positive Psychology, Portland, Oregon


Dr. Kennon Sheldon.jpg"Toward a Meaningful Life integrates many positive psychology interventions and research findings into a package that should benefit any committed meaning-seeker."
Dr. Kennon Sheldon, Professor of Psychological Sciences, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri


"As with generations of the past, we search for meaning in our lives, yet often struggle with this goal. Often, the problem is focusing on only one facet of the stone rather than realizing that they all George Pfeiffer.jpgcontribute to creating a special "light." "Toward a Meaningful Life" helps participants realize the importance and value of creating a toolkit of lifeskills that not only provides practical strategies to addressing the different facets of ones life, but helps participants realize the need of them to shine together—as one unique stone."
George J Pfeiffer, MSE, FAWHP, Author, Founder and President, The WorkCare Group, Inc. Charlottesville, Virginia


Laura Marshak.jpg“My experience with a previous JLI course greatly impressed me, with how applicable these Jewish-based lessons and insights are to encouraging healthy interpersonal relationships…”
Dr. Laura Marshak Licensed psychologist, Professor Department of Counseling at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA



Steven E. Rothke.jpg"Healthy faith-based and psychological practices can offer considerable assistance to each individual's attempt to scale the great existential challenges of finding meaning, a way of belonging, and increasing freedom.  This course unites both approaches to empower participants to find greater meaning and joy in their lives."
Steven E. Rothke, Ph.D,Clinical Psychologist, Northbrook, IL; Clinical Professor, Northwestern University Medical School