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 Toward A Meaningful Life

Course Overview
The objective of this course is to teach and empower individuals of all back­grounds with new life skills based on Jewish Thought and Kabbalistic Insight, thereby enabling each to transform the way they view their daily lives. The course offers an antidote to the monotony and grind of unchanging routines. It pro­vides newfound energy and exhilaration in taking on challenges. And it offers practical strategies for developing a deeper sense of joy and satisfaction.
The course covers the spectrum of life, considering personal growth, relationships, home, work, special challenges, and the role of G‑d and faith. We will reframe these universal and familiar issues in a compelling way, inviting students to challenge their current views and consider a more meaningful approach to the topic. Each lesson con­cludes with a toolbox of exercises and guidelines to help students make full use of the ideas and strategies discussed.
Lesson Overview
Building & Nurturing a Healthy Inner Self
happiness-with-words.jpgNo person can function without a a healthy inner self, and neither can you. This lesson will help you establish the foundation for building and nurturing a healthy inner self and a meaningful life — why you’re here, why you matter, and how you can make sense of the patterns of your thinking, behavior, and feelings.
Marriage, Love, and Intimacy
wedding-flowers-1.jpgHow can you nourish the richness and depth of a loving relationship? We’ll explore the spiritual factors that can make a relationship greater than the sum of its parts — with a passion that’s eternal, purposeful, comfortable, and which truly reflects our values and attitudes.
Home and Family
Shoulders-53446510.jpgBuilding a home, raising a family — these are the most important sources of warmth and security in our lives. Learn how to nurture and strengthen these vital bonds that embrace us with comforted connection.
Work and Wealth
three-d-barchart-and-upwards-line-graph-financial-diagram-11.jpgWe all need to earn a living, but that doesn’t have to consign us to a plodding drudgery that leaves us feeling half-alive. We’ll explore the ins and out of job satisfaction, as well as ways to put money in its proper perspective and keep materialism from overpowering our G‑d-given, spiritual natures.
Pain and Anxiety
Stress.jpgAnxiety, stress or pain can intrude on our lives at any time. All-consuming, it is a call for attention that launches the natural process of healing. We'll explore ways of coping with stress and difficulty, finding a balance between grieving for what has been lost and feeling hope for the future.
Religion and Faith
shabbat2.jpgFaith is not only the stuff of childhood. It can open us up to the mystery of life, the wonder that defies reason. In this session, we work toward a personal grappling with truth as well as a more mature, dynamic relationship with our Creator.