Dear Student, 

There you stand, about to make the toughest decision of your life. You gaze down at a loved one, deep in a coma, and think about how the doctor told you there's little or no hope for recovery. Do you continue life support or tell them to give it up? Nothing has ever prepared you for a choice like this. 
That may be an extreme example, but the fact is that complicated and contentious medical decisions have become more and more a part of our lives. They range from whether you're obligated to donate a kidney to a relative in need, or what is and isn't ethical when an infertile couple turns to a surrogate mother. And they don't allow for any easy answers.

Perhaps you've wondered if your faith has anything to say about all this. Although they were written long before modern medicine, do the Torah and Talmud have something to offer ? And what about the great Jewish sages whose teachings we value so?

The answer, as you'll learn in this fascinating course, is an encouraging one. Whether you face a heart-rending medical choice now or in the future, you can indeed turn to your faith for guidance. Notice that we didn't say easy answers - no course, and no person, can provide or promise those. But we can give you new ways to look at things, taking into consideration all the subtlety and nuance that our religion brings. Someday, even if its many years from now, you may look back and be very glad you came to investigate these subjects with us,

These classes will be nothing if not lively as we interact, debate issues, and examine case studies taken not from some theoretical viewpoint, but from real life itself. No issues is off-limits to us,  no topic taboo, and no issue too complex to fully consider.

When it comes to today's medical issues, you will find that your faith can offer more than comfort. It can provide wisdom that will mean so much to anyone caught in the maze of today's medical miracles and mishaps.

In addition, these dramatic topics provide a deep insight into the nature of Judaism and what we believe is ethical and just. You will leave feeling closer to your faith and better equipped if  - or perhaps we should say when - a difficult medical choice comes your own way.

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