Medicine & Morals
Your Jewish Guide Through Life's Tough Decisions

Join Us For An All New Fascinating Course From The Jewish Learning Institute Which Will Explore What Jewish Wisdom Has To Say About Difficult Medical Moral Decisions

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Six Monday Evening’s 7:30pm to 9:00pm Starting November 1st. 2010.

Cost: Full course $65 – Includes textbooks
10% - Couples discount

Can Jewish Wisdom Shed Light & Moral Clarity On Issues Such As:
Patient Autonomy - Reproductive Technologies - Confidentiality - Mental Difference - Organ Donation -  Sperm Or Egg Donation  - Medical Experimental Treatment's  - Stem Cell Research
 Join Us & See For Yourself!

Location: Providence Park Campus, Novi Orthopedic Center Building - Conference Room, Main Floor.
26750 Providence Pkwy. Novi, 48374

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Course Overview:

• A man wonders if his dying father should remain on life support.
What would you do?
• A parent wonders if they should tell their child he has a potentially serious genetic disorder.
What would you do? 
• A woman wonders if she’s morally obligated to give a kidney to her cousin who has to undergo dialysis daily.
What would you do?

Chances are, like most people, you don’t know what you would do or even where you would turn for guidance. But with medicine’s increasing role in our lives, most of us will have to face such issues at some point or another.

That’s why you’ll want to know about a remarkable new course called Medicine and Morals: Your Jewish Guide through Life’s Tough Decisions. It’s based on two premises:
• That Jewish wisdom has much to say about these matters; and
• That the best time to deal with them is now, while the pressure is off.

Actually, there’s a third premise:

today's complex medical issues are fascinating, profound, and likely to kick up amazingly lively classroom discussion.

No easy questions. No easy answers. Medicine and Morals, is your chance to get real with the subject of medical ethics —discuss actual case histories, and get a sense of direction to weather the toughest challenges you’ll ever face.  

Medicine and Morals: Your Jewish Guide through Life’s Tough Decisions